Monday, August 30, 2010

Religious Lawyers who spread their faith while they practice

This was a very interesting piece considering our discussion last week of what role religious background plays in one's professional life. The attorneys in this article often pray with their client, and use God as a means of facilitating resolutions to issues.

It makes sense. An attorney is hardly ever just a lawyer. He is a counselor, mentor, parent, confidant, and friend at various times. That goes for Judges too (perhaps nowhere is that more clear than in the sentencing phase of a criminal proceeding). Attorneys are given the opportunity to do tremendous good with their work. It's refreshing to see these lawyers focusing on developing their clients as people, not just helping them achieve victory in the courtroom.

Muslims advertise

What do you think of this effort? MY FAITH - MY VOICE

Expressing views on religion

Here's an essay from the Council for Secular Humanism on how to express one's disagreement with religious views. What do you think? Does it work exactly the same way if you disagree on religious grounds with secular humanist views?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mosque near Ground Zero

I like to read international perspectives of hot topics in the U.S. The issue of memorialization and remembrance of loved ones who die in war or by other tragic means (like 9/11) is almost always controversial. And religion complicates matters. In my opinion, what would be a tragedy is not if this mosque is built, but if some Christian extremists destroyed it, and killed innocent people in the process.

I also find the debate about President Obama's religion puzzling. Who cares if he's a Muslim or a Christian...or nothing so long as he has some sort of moral compass?