Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banning Sharia law in Oklahoma

They're going to vote on it: http://normantranscript.com/headlines/x1560862339/SQ-755-ban-raises-questions-concerns


  1. Aren't there bigger, real, issues politicians should be dealing with?

    Even the guy who introduced the bill admits that no Oklahoma courts have ever considered making decisions based on Sharia law.

    What a waste of ballot space and state resources. It does nothing but single out an already-discriminated-against group of people, feed on the fears of the uninformed and promote prejudice.

    Legislative fail.

  2. I do not agree that there should be a law banning ONLY Sharia Law. Quite frankly, the ban should include all law that is not American law. I do not think that our state courts should be deciding any disputes between 2 parties residing in America based on any law other than US state or federal law. On of the opponents of the proposed measure said: "So I think it is a (state question) that is against us and against our way of living.” Isn't using foreign law to decide a dispute wholly within the jurisdiction of Texas "against us and against OUR way of living?" The old phrase "When in Rome" comes to mind in this instance. In America, applying laws from any religious perspective is contrary to the first amendment, isn't it? I always thought that when you were in a country, you were bound to their laws regardless of your origin.