Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is "Jihad"?

Here's an old NPR story I heard a little while back about the meaning of "Jihad." I remember being surprised to hear that you can call your efforts to quit smoking or pray more a jihad.

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  1. Along with some of the other posts on Jihad, I found this very interesting. Before reading some of the articles, I heard the word jihad, and I thought "holy war to wipe out infidels." After reading some of the articles we have posted here, it seems that jihad does not necessarily have to be connected with that at all. This particular article makes me wonder if the word got caught up in Wag the Dog situation as to how the Bush Administration characterized the terror attacks. However, it also seems that radical Islam groups themselves use a convoluted definition of jihad in a way that will give them more legitimacy amongst supporters. At any rate, the purposeful misdirection by whatever party makes it confusing and frustrating.