Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Claim and Response

I neither support nor have enough statistical information to attribute validity to the videos below.
The first makes rather strong claims regarding the immigration of Muslim's into Western Countries. The most disturbing portion of the video is the end where the narrator says that the data given is "a call to action." What kind of action is the video purporting should be taken?
The second is a response by the BBC to the specific claims made in the first. It seeks to directly counter the claims made by the first.
Again I do not have the statistical data to verify either video's accuracy and I don't advocate for either one, but I find the comparison to be a reflection of tension felt by Westerners towards the Muslim religion and Islamic culture.

UPDATE: See first comment for link to the Snopes review of the first video--BTL


  1. Immediately after posting I found this assessment of the first video. It cites the second video as well as other sources. Muslim Demographics

  2. The "call to action" of the first video appears to clearly suggest preaching the Gospel across the world; I didn't interpret any nefarious motives from the video. However, were this video shown about 70 years ago, I may have been thinking something different. Again, in the context of "Christian believers", why should Christians be worried about this if this is "God's will"? If this is "God's will", then what's the big deal? So what if Islam takes over the planet? We have a billion people in Communist China and a billion people in Hindu India, and yet there doesn't seem to be the same outcry. Of course, Hindus & communists do not proselytize in the same fashion as Muslims, but still. I don't see why we necessarily should be scared...maybe this IS God's will.

    I think from the brutal statistics, this demonstrates that in some ways organized Christianity is a broken religion. And unfortunately, to some degree, it appears to be a failure. In several key pertinent ways, Christianity is a broken, defunct religion. Look at Europe. In about 30 or 40 years, by that point the Holy See may have to be moved to America if the U.S. is to be the last remnant of Western civilization. We could have the Pope here in the U.S. in the same way the Pope used to be in Avignon, France.

    I hate to say it, but I think the BBC's skepticism in the 2d video is a bit too optimistic. I'm not satisfied with the BBC's analysis. The statistics with Islamic immigration are dubious because most likely many Muslims are not citizens and many Muslims do not assimilate & participate in the European ways. When many Muslims immigrate, they are not assimilated into European culture, and this worries many Europeans. Either way, it seems more research needs to be done.

    Welcome to the future. We better fasten our seat belts.