Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evangelical Perspective on Islam

This link below offers a simplistic look at the theological differences between the Christian and Islamic concepts of God.  Note:  this website is from an evangelical Christian perspective.  I do not agree with this article and I do not support this article, but I think it gives a good point-by-point comparison between the God of Christianity and the Allah of Islam in terms of theological basics.  In Islam, God is not a father or a personal/physical being, but an all-powerful, all-encompassing, omnipresent Spirit-Force.  In Islam, God is able to trick people and deceive people in being astray (Surah 14:4,27) from the truth path which is "submission to God" (or "Islam").  For the most part Islamic theology does not recognize "free will" as in Christianity or "free agency" as in Latter-day Saint theology.  Islam stands for predestination or divine destiny; everything has already been planned out by God.  (Surah 3:145; Surah 6:59)  In Islam, humans have little (if any) free will.

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