Friday, October 1, 2010

Inside Islam

I love podcasts. I listen to them while I'm doing housework, on long car drives, or when I get ready in the morning and I've already missed the news. (Weekends, mostly.)

While doing some general research on women and Sharia law, I found this incredible interview with a law professor at the University of Wisconsin, Asifa Quraishi. She's an expert on Sharia, and also teaches classes on Constitutional Law. (You can read about her on the law school's website) The interview is great, and provides a really solid foundation to start more research, if you're interested.

If you prefer, you can download the MP3 here.

Also, the series this is from, Inside Islam, is very good. I've listened to a few episodes already, and I'm impressed by the variety of people they interview and the even-handedness of everything. It's produced by Wisconsin Public Radio as part of the "Here on Earth" show. The topics are pretty varied, and are broken into categories on the information page.

UPDATE: Our own Prof. Huhn weighed in on Sharia law in one of his recent blog posts, if you're interested.


  1. Tangentially related note: Women are now officially allowed to be lawyers in Saudi Arabia, a country that interprets Sharia very, very strictly. See news article:

  2. Kate, thanks for posting Prof. Huhn's blog post and the link to the article about women lawyers in Saudi Arabia. I am interested to see if there are follow up articles about the types of cases women are able to present as well as who they will represent and what types of arguments they will make. Will women lawyers truly be able to practice as their male counterparts are able to. I am just now learning about Sharia law, and I hope to be able to comment further once I have a little bit more background information.