Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?

That was a statement regarding the nature of homosexuality at the general conference of the Mormon Church a week and a half ago. NPR's story about those protesting the statement here.


  1. With respect to any LDS perspective on homosexuality, one has to keep in mind that the issue goes much deeper than any superficial question of gay rights. In LDS theology, a man and/or a woman must be sealed (or married "for time and all eternity" according to LDS doctrine) in an LDS Temple in order to achieve the highest level of heaven in the afterlife. For LDS leadership, to affirm the existence of homosexuality as part of an individual's nature [and not solely based on free will (or "free agency")] would be to basically say that Heavenly Father royally screwed up in his plan and that Heavenly Father's plan is somehow faulty in terms of creation, free will, death, redemption, & eventual "exaltation". In LDS theology, Heavenly Father's plan is to have all humans return unto Him in His realm and to become like Him as He is. To discuss the superficial claim of LDS authorities commenting on homosexuality without taking a deeper theological look does not give due justice to the issue.

  2. I guess I am confused. It seems to me that the Boyd K. Packer meant to say that God makes no mistakes, therefore Homosexuals cannot claim to be born gay or that would mean God does make mistakes. See how circular that logic is?

    I am just wondering whether Packer really thought about what he said? God does not create sickly children? I am curious, if Packer is asserting that God would not create someone who is atypical? Or, that being homosexual is so unnatural that there is no way God could have created homosexuals.

    Packer, in case you were wondering, has God's blueprints and gays were not included in Gods prototype.

    Being a human is not without suffering, religion has taught that struggles we find ourselves in are attestations to God's love for us, and our ability to show love back.

    People suffer, some people are born atypical, but to say that God did not create them that way is to assume we know God's grand design. It is also to disregard the many types of people born with various atypical qualities that we accept are not of the individuals choosing.

    Whether we accept or not that being gay is genetic, we must accept that God still created that person and his love for all mankind supersedes any inclinations humans have to judge.